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Finding Data
The data are organized by geographic region (Domestic U.S., International, Arctic Sea Ice, Arctic Sea Ice Buoys and Antarctica). Start by selecting a geographic region using the navigation button on the top of the page. Each geographic location page contains a drop-down list on the top-left that contains all the sites available in that region.

Download Files
Select an image by clicking on one of small thumbnails on the left. The selected thumbnail is displayed in the large preview area on the right, along with the image date & file name and download links:
File Download Links
To download the image file, click the "TIFF" link to download it as a GeoTIFF, or the "PDF" link to download as a GeoPDF. Both GeoTIFF and GeoPDF image files are downloaded in a zip file. Once downloaded, the image file can be extracted using software programs such as 7-ZIP or WINZIP in the Windows environment, or GUNZIP in the UNIX environment. To view the metadata, click the "XML" link. The metadata file will open in the web browser and can be saved by selecting "Save Page As" in the web browser menu.

When the selected image was created by combining multiple smaller images, a click on "Additional Images" link opens a window which includes download links to those smaller images.
Additional Images Example